Welcome to Milady’s Boudoir!

Welcome to Milady’s Boudoir! From this room – Milady’s Boudoir (as the Optimist calls it) – I hope to write about places to go, books to read and other ad hoc items which I hope you will enjoy reading.
The original Milady’s Boudoir was the magazine owned by Bertie Wooster’s Aunt Dahlia but I cannot even hope to post every week on such a wide variety of topics so I intend to write about literary connections as and when the spirit takes me. Some of these posts may have very tenuous connections with literature and some may have no connection at all!

20 comments on “Welcome to Milady’s Boudoir!

  1. Tuba Unal says:

    I love that chair in the library, looks very comfy and invites you to grab a book and settle in!

  2. Thank you for this first comment! There’s even a telly so sometimes I grab the remote instead of a book.

  3. Hurrah! The appearance of a blog that is exactly my cup of tea! I have long known you are a talented travel photographer who goes to just the places, mostly around England, that I want to see, and what’s more you don’t go with an empty mind but with an examined, historically well furnished mind, that brings your pictures singingly up to an even higher degree by the addition of just the right amount of fascinating historical background information…not too much heavy textbook stuff, not too light and superficial. JUST RIGHT. I look

  4. forward to following this blog, with pleasure!

  5. Diana, Thank you for these kind and encouraging comments. I am indeed flattered. I hope I can live up to your expectations! Barbara

  6. Curzon Tussaud says:

    I loved seeing your chair, the handy table for cup of (leaf, of course!) tea, and groups of Persephones on the shelves behind. A lovely and serene boudoir. The etymology of “boudoir” is from the French “bouder”, to sulk. I somehow doubt that much sulking will be done in such a pleasant room!

  7. Thank you, Curzon! Definitely leaf tea, what other kind is there?? No sulking in here I’m pleased to say.

  8. helen says:

    Hello, what a delightful boudoir and blog too – I came here via Stuck-in-a-Book and intend to come back often. I LOVE Tristram Shandy but had no idea that Shandy Hall existed, so particularly enjoyed that post. Your photographs are very good, I am envious of your skill.

  9. Hello Helen, Thank you for your kind comments and welcome to the boudoir! Well done if you have read Tristram Shandy! I still haven’t attempted it – Barbara

  10. Marie-Noëlle says:

    Your boudoir looks very comfy, Milady !!!
    I’ll be really happy to come round every now and then … or … should I put up a bedcamp here ?!?

    I bet I’ll learn a lot !!!! xxx

  11. Welcome to my boudoir, Marie Noelle! I hope you will drop in when you can. There is always a bed here (no need to camp) whenever you wish to come and visit in person. Barbara

  12. […] you know I love to sit in my boudoir reading. Some of you may have noticed the uniform grey bindings of the books on the shelves just […]

  13. Lorraine S. says:

    What a lovely room! Thank you for your beautiful pictures and interesting articles. I so wish I could visit the British Isles in the near future. Daughter’s wedding first and then hopefully travel.

  14. Thank you, Lorraine! I’m sure the wedding will be beautiful and good luck with your travels.

  15. Rosanna says:

    Have very much enjoyed visiting the Boudoir – virtually and when we visited earlier this month. Believe it or not, this is the first blog I have every visited but I am looking forward to becoming a regular visitor.

  16. […] Many of you know that the origins of the name Miladys Boudoir and the strapline that accompanies it (“There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature”) both have P G Wodehouse connections. You can read about this here. […]

  17. […] leading members of the group was the writer Virginia Woolf. I’ve been enjoying reading about Milady’s jaunt with her Swiss friends following in the footsteps of the Bloomsbury Group in Sussex. But […]

  18. […] my post about Capability Brown at Harewood and am amazed to see that the date was October 2011. My first post was dated 20 August 2011. And I’m stunned to see that that was five years ago to the day! […]

  19. […] not a perfect picture but I hope you like it Barbara […]

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