Views from Swiss Windows: Homes and Hotels

Yes, all those lovely views from clean and comfy trains are all very well but by far the best thing about Switzerland, for me, is meeting up with friends and sitting in a cosy home or hotel lounge or tea shop or cafe and just chatting about in myriad of topics (not excluding Miladysboudoir!). In Bern with B the chatter is comfortably (for me, anyway) in English. I know she loves to keep her hand in! But in Central Switzerland it’s in German: mine rather rusty from school days and Susanne’s in Hoch Deutsch for my benefit. But we manage all the same kind of topics, nevertheless.

On this visit I had the good luck to visit several beautiful places and sip tea at mountain top hotels and cosy cafes as well as the comfy and relaxed sitting rooms and kitchens in my friends’ homes.

View of River Aare

Barbara’s kitchen overlooks the Bern’s River Aare

View from Cafe Schmid

Adelboden from Tea-Room Schmid

Adelboden from Our Chalet

Adelboden from Our Chalet Dining Room

Schwellenmaetteli Bern

Bern’s Munster (Cathedral) from the Schwellenmätteli Restaurant in the River Aare

Villa Honegg

Snowy afternoon at the Villa Honegg, Bürgenstock

View Wolfenschiessen

Snowy outlook from the sitting room at Wolfenschiessen (on a clear day you can see the Titlis Mountain above Engelberg)

Art Deco Hotel Montana

Lake Lucerne from the Osterwald Bar at The Art Deco Hotel Montana

Lucerne from A D H Montana

The city of Lucerne from the A D H Montana terrace


6 comments on “Views from Swiss Windows: Homes and Hotels

  1. Barbara Tschirren says:

    It was really nice to see you here in Switzerland. Talking and looking out of several windows (kitchen, restaurant, trains and even museum…we still have heaps of snow. Look forward to seeing you in U.K. !

  2. Nilly says:

    Now what do I remember of Lucerne, last visited when I was 9? Lovely shoe shops, the Richard Wagner Museum, the Chapel bridge, may flies in April, choughs with red beaks and much more, including my first encounter with duvets & bidets!

    • The RW Museum is on my list but was closed last week. I’m ashamed to admit that I wouldn’t know one bird from another even if it pecked me on the nose. Interested in shoes even at 9 years old, Nilly? I’m impressed. Of course, there would have been an exchange rate to die for in those days!!!

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  4. […] who joined me on my Irish trip last year, had invited me to her 60th party and I joined up with two Swiss friends (also called Barbara) for the weekend. We all met when I worked in Cambridge and they were at […]

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