Schiers Delight : My Four Week Summer ‘Gap’ Stay in Switzerland

Brochures and maps 4

Next Saturday milady is transferring her boudoir to a chalet in the Swiss Alps!

I’m looking forward to a four week stay in Canton Graubünden in the far east of Switzerland. I’ll be helping a Swiss woman at her small B&B in exchange for my board and lodging and opportunities to go hiking and touring in this region with which I am quite unfamiliar.


I have my flights booked and my half-fare train card ready. I have some local maps and I just need to pack my hiking boots, sunscreen and camera … oh! and my pinny (I’ll be doing the breakfasts) … and I’ll be off.

Brochures and maps 1

I’ll be posting here about any major expeditions I make but I have opened another blog in which I shall try to make a brief diary entry each day as a record of my stay.



8 comments on “Schiers Delight : My Four Week Summer ‘Gap’ Stay in Switzerland

  1. Oh Milady!!! How exciting is that!! Shall look forward to a vicarious trip to Switzerland with you and have the new blog bookmarked. I can only begin to imagine how much you will see and share from all this…so excited almost feel I am coming along too:-)

  2. ms6282 says:

    Lucky you! But it sounds like you’ll have to work hard too. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures on your new blog

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