“High Mountains, deep gorges, harsh winters : ideal for a railway” : The Albula Experience Way

Now and then you spot a train

Swiss Railways [SBB] always make a few special offers each month and before coming away I received notification of the June offers from the SBB. In the list was a 30% discount for a return journey from your local station to Bergün and the same off the entrance fee to The Railway Museum Albula just by Bergün Station.

Bergün from train

Bergün from the train

On further investigation I discovered a newly opened footpath the Albula Erlebnis Weg [The Albula Experience Footpath]. The path starts at Preda, the next station up the line. It’s all part of the UNESCO World Heritage Albula + Bernina.

UNESCO World Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage – A masterpiece of railway engineering

The line across Albula and Bernina, now more than a century old, is regarded as a truly unique masterpiece of the railway engineer’s art. Designed from the start to exist in perfect harmony with its surrounding countryside, the line stands as a monument to the pioneering days of railway-building. Since July 2008, the Albula and Bernina lines of the Rhaetian Railway have been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

Where landscape and railway blend into one: in a series of wide expanses and elegant man-made structures, along the winding route through abruptly-sloping Alpine valleys. Monumental landmarks along the way include the Landwasser Viaduct, the series of winding tunnels between Bergün and Preda and the Circular Viaduct at Brusio. The line continues to be a model of its type.” Source

Last Friday was my day off so the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the offer whilst it was still on. The journey there and back involved 4 changes of transport. The line is up between Klosters and Davos-Glaris stations this summer so you must take two replacement bus services. Plus there is another change at Filisur for the Saint Moritz service – Glacier Express on tour.

Glacier on Tour

My add-on ticket took me as far as Preda. The weather this week has not been good but luckily I avoided all rain. However, I could have used a pair of gloves – it was freezing cold at Preda Station – 1789m ASL.

Leaving Preda Station

Leaving Preda Station

Preda station and sign

You can’t miss the Albula Way; it’s indicated clearly all along the route. Between Preda and Bergün there are ten information boards. The path continues down to Filisur with more boards but I only walked as far as Bergün as I had my Museum ticket.

Some features of the two hour walk :

Path heads down to Bergün

The Path Heads Down to Bergün

Don't worry about getting muddy!

Don’t worry about getting your boots muddy!

Swiss kissing gate

Swiss-style kissing gate

Another view of the train

Now and then you spy a train

Lots of mountain torrents

You cross lots of mountain torrents

Typical Infor Board

You can stop and read the Information Boards

Arriving in Bergün

Finally, you arrive at Bergün


5 comments on ““High Mountains, deep gorges, harsh winters : ideal for a railway” : The Albula Experience Way

  1. Sarah Wrightson says:

    So very beautiful, thank you.

  2. […] I arrived in Bergün after the hike down from Preda along the Erlebnisweg [Historic Railway Trail] I was delighted to find such a lovely old traditional village with so […]

  3. Nilly says:

    Not another soul in sight, by the look of it, Barbara – do you ever encounter other walkers?

    • Hello Nilly, about half a dozen others got off the train with me and started the trail but for one reason or another I seemed to overtake them. Not through my own speed more because they were talking amongst themselves and stopping to inspect stuff. Mostly I have been on my own though.

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