Garsdale Circular via Cotter End

When I last went over to Lancaster from Shipley (West Yorkshire) Station I noticed several people dressed for hiking in the Dales waiting on the platform. They seemed to recognise each other but were obviously not specially friends. They were joining walks organised by the Friends of the Settle Carlisle Line or Dalesrail and had obviously met each other on previous walks. It seemed like an excellent way to enjoy walking in more distant parts of the Yorkshire Dales so I decided to find out more.

Map and leaflet

Later in the Tourist Office at Leeds Station I picked up two walks leaflets and, being aware that I was not interested in 14+ mile strenuous walks and being away or otherwise engaged some weekends, I selected a few walks on dates towards the end of 2013 that I thought I be able to manage. The first of these was today:

Walk leader: DW/BH (Bob had stepped in for Duncan W)
Garsdale Station – Yore House – Thwaite Bridge – Cotter End – High Dyke – Blades – Moorcock Inn – Garsdale Station.

Special Instructions:   Alight (10.21) and return Garsdale.

Date and time:  Sat, 30/11/2013 (All day)
Grade: M(oderate)
Length: 8 miles

Assembling at Garsdale Station

Assembling at Garsdale Station.

Five walkers and two dogs joined two leaders (Bob and Brenda) on Garsdale Station northbound platform this morning in bright sunshine and enjoyed the 8 mile hike. There was one steepish climb – but remember ‘No pain, no gain’ – to a high ridge path with wonderful views and the perfect late November picnic spot. The day could not have been better.


Our path took us under the viaduct

Herd of Sheep

Past a herd of sheep being assembled

River Ure

Over the River Ure

Yore House

Past Yore House

Lady Anne's High Way

After Thwaite Bridge House we climbed up to join Lady Anne’s High Way

Bench awaits

And enjoyed a picnic (our bench awaits) at the highest point of the walk – Cotter End

Extent of walk

From the High Way we could see the extent of our walk

Pennine Bridleway

We descended from the High Way to join the Pennine Bridleway

Ruined INn

With plenty of time to spare we took a short detour to view the ruins of an Inn on the High Way

Former inn

Once a busy inn along a main thoroughfare for sheep drovers and the like now a ruin

Haeding back

As the sun went down we headed back down to the River Ure and …

Garsdale Station

Garsdale Station


Sunset at Settle Station from the train window

Our train left at 3.35pm and we witnessed a wonderful sunset  over the hills and moors. My photo taken through the train window doesn’t do justice to it. It was great to get out on this beautiful day in an area I was not at all familiar with and I think I will try more of these walks in future.


8 comments on “Garsdale Circular via Cotter End

  1. Nilly says:

    A wonderful walk! Is that Whernside I see? It reminds me that once, 40-ish years ago, we climbed up Penyghent (I wonder if my son’s baby shoe is still up there – he lost it that day!)

    • Thank you, Nilly. I ‘think’ it’s Wild Boar Fell. After a foot op 4 years ago my first serious walking outing was up Penyghent and I felt very proud of myself for the achievement. I didn’t see a baby shoe though. It was like Clapham Junction up there!

  2. Fran says:

    What a fantastic day for such a walk. The winter light making the hills so beautiful.

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