Wodehousian Connections



Many of you know that the origins of the name Miladys Boudoir and the strapline that accompanies it (“There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature”) both have P G Wodehouse connections. You can read about this here.

A while ago, with the help of a friend (who shares a mutual taste in literature with me), I tracked down the context of the strapline. You can read the short story ‘Strychnine in the soup’ we found here.

Or watch the BBC Wodehouse Playhouse dramatisation from the 1970s here :

It was never my intention that Miladys Boudoir should be a book reviewing blog but many of my friends do just that. Now, on my recommendation, my friend Lyn at I Prefer Reading has read, enjoyed and reviewed Sebastian Faulks’s ‘Jeeves and the Wedding Bells’ and I get a mention! Read her post about it here.



4 comments on “Wodehousian Connections

  1. Lyn says:

    Thanks for the link, Barbara & the information about the original story. I’m feeling quite Wodehousian now & have just downloaded The Mating Season to listen to on the way to work. Thank goodness I have so many Wodehouse novels still to read. I wouldn’t mind if Sebastian Faulks wrote another one either!

  2. nilly says:

    It sounds perfect fun – I need a little light relief after the (for me) high emotion of The Goldfinch, which I loved but had to finish in floods of tears, armed with a box of tissues.

  3. […] My Australian friend, Lyn (I Prefer Reading), straightaway recognised the source of my strapline “There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature” (Strychnine in the Soup). […]

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