Allez, Leeds! Allez, Yorkshire! Turning Yorkshire Yellow – Le Grand Départ

At last the weekend of the Tour de France is almost here. It’s the time of year when I’m out and about and behind with my posts (which is true – I was at Compton Verney three weeks ago and since then down in Norfolk and Suffolk). However, this weekend I’m very much staying put. Hopefully I’ll be able to get closer to bringing my posts up to date before my next expedition.


Map of the UK Tour de France [source]

The first leg of the famous cycle race – Le Tour de France – is coming to Yorkshire this weekend. I’m not at all interested so am definitely staying put. That isn’t to say that I’m against it being held here – in fact, quite the contrary. I think it’s great for the country, the county and the millions who will enjoy it. I do hope the sun shines (right now it’s raining) and everyone has a great time and enjoys the festivities laid on. With roads closed and transport crowded or disrupted I’m just going to stay at home in the Boudoir.

Allez, allez Leeds

As I have driven around the local area and further afield in the Dales I’ve noticed everywhere along the route and nearby old bikes – big and small – penny farthings and trikes – all sprayed yellow. It’s hard to stop at each one when you’re driving so the other Saturday on my way back from a little shopping at Bettys at Harlow Carr I drew up in Pool and took a few snaps.

Window Bettys HC

 Tour de France window, Bettys Harlow Carr

Pool in Wharfedale is near the beginning of the route just after the official start at Harewood House where the cyclists will be waved off by big crowds including their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I wonder whether they’ll wave them off on the 3rd leg from Cambridge to London?

Yellow bike

Yellow kiddies bike, Beckwithshaw Primary School

School jerseys and bike

The ‘yellow’ jerseys and bike, Beckwithshaw

Welcome to Pool

Welcome to Pool-in-Wharfedale banner

Pool bike

Bike and cyclist

Yellow bike Pool

Yellow Bikes in Pool

Good Luck and Bon Chance to all riders!




10 comments on “Allez, Leeds! Allez, Yorkshire! Turning Yorkshire Yellow – Le Grand Départ

  1. Tuba says:

    Bof! 😉

  2. ms6282 says:

    Well, we’re off to Skipton tomorrow morning. seen 3 stages in France whike on holiday. Can’t miss the spectacle when it’s nearly on our doorstep – if we can find somewhere to park that is!

  3. Julie Stivers says:

    Remember when Den was just a little tyke and he had that tiny tricycle — was it yellow? John has many photos of it against the gray stone of — was it Scarborough? These photos remind me of that.

  4. sherry says:

    looks like fun!

  5. nilly says:

    Harumph! We’re heading East I think – maybe Beverley, Constable Burton, the coast…

    • I hope the weather will be nice for you too then, nilly. We are kind of stuck here but I do need a couple of days at home sometimes without temptation to wander.

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