Milady goes to the Emerald Isle

For the month of May I’ll be away; mostly in Ireland but I’m driving to South Wales first and combining my trip with a visit to a dear friend in Powys.

My Itinerary :

1st – 5th May in Wales

5th May Ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare

6th to 11th May staying at Cappoquin, near Lismore, Co. Waterford

11th to 14th May staying with family in Co. Kildare

14th to 18th May volunteer helper at Ballymaloe Lit Fest, Co. Cork

18th to 26th May back in Co.Kildare

26th to 29th May at National Trust, Crom Estate, Co. Fermanagh

29th to 31st May at Glenarm on the Antrim coast

31st May Returning home from Belfast to Liverpool (actually, Birkenhead)

I had initially applied to ‘Workaway’ as I did in Switzerland two years ago but out of nine applications only four responded. Of those that did respond one has invited me to visit and another put me in touch with the Ballymaloe Festival.

I’m hoping to post daily again as I did in 2013 (although I may not have internet access each day) : so if you’re interested sign up to follow me here : My Irish Times : Round Ireland with a Book Box. The subtitle is from Tony Hawks’s book : Round Ireland with a Fridge. But I won’t be hitching – I’m taking my car – and I won’t have a fridge. I thought about saying ‘with a cool box’ but as I wrote this to a friend I thought, no, I’m more likely to have a box of books than a cool box of food.

Leeds Dublin

As Seen at Leeds City Station


21 comments on “Milady goes to the Emerald Isle

  1. ms6282 says:

    Great Barbara. Have a fantastic time. I’m due to be in Kildare in May for a week too – but working.

    • Thank you, Mick. I’m really excited. I have some notes from all your previous visits, including Dublin. I know you sometimes take the ferry so any tips on driving a GB car over there?

      • ms6282 says:

        Most of my trips over there have been by car. It’s no different than driving over here really. Some of the country roads are quite narrow and not always in good condition, but that can be true in some areas of the UK you visit. Driving through Dublin is hectic and slow. But looks like you’ll be avoiding there. Road signage, even on major roads is not always as good as over here, so make sure you’re familiar with your route before you set out on a journey.

        You’ll have agreat time

  2. Thanks, again. You are right. I won’t be driving in Dublin. I’ll rely on family or public transport. I drove a few times over there during the 1980s but not since. And a lot has changed – including motorways. I don’t have GPS but try to use my brain by memorising routes! I’m allowing plenty of time for my journeys.

  3. ms6282 says:

    I never use GPS either, but usually end up where I want to be! But remember my comment about road signs 😉

  4. Grrrr…so jealous! Ireland is the only part of the U.K. that I haven’t visited yet. I look forward to hearing about your adventures, Milady.

  5. nilly says:

    I intend to enjoy your trip! This is on my very modest bucket list as one great grandfather was a Roche of Waterford.

  6. Fran says:

    Look forward as ever to hearing about your travels.

  7. Rhona says:

    Looking forward to your reports, Barbara! have a wonderful trip, happy landings.

  8. Ruth O says:

    Have an awesome trip!

  9. Lynne W says:

    I will certainly be joining you on your journey,no wonder you are excited. I went to Dublin years ago to stay with a Nursing friend .I still remember the beautiful scenery of the Wicklow mountains and the warmth of her friends and family .

  10. […] to go in June since we already had a family wedding on 13th and I had booked the month of May to be Ireland. So we had an inkling that this trip might be harder work, due to warmer weather, than previous […]

  11. […] Adventure”. In 2013 I spent a month working at a B&B in Switzerland and last year and the year before I took myself off to Ireland for 4 weeks and 3 weeks successively. This year I’ll be […]

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