Dam Flask Reservoir Circular Walk

Dam Flask Map

After two days of ridge walks and including the climbs up to them it was very pleasant to take things more gently on the Sunday of our Sheffield stay. After a lazy morning and lunch out on the terrace of the Rivelin Park Cafe we drove over to Dam Flask Reservoir, parked on the Dam and headed in a clockwise direction to Low Bradfield.

We’d picked up a leaflet describing the walk and referring to quite a few road stretches but these days Yorkshire Water have created many permissive paths round their reservoirs and Dam Flask is no exception. There’s a short quiet road section and a pavement along the dam itself but walking is level and easy and the entire is walk is just under 4 miles in total.

The Walk

We first passed Dam Flask Lodge and on joining the path away from the road the Sailing and Rowing Club comes into view on the other side and there are very pleasant views especially on that lovely clear sunny Sunday afternoon.

Dam Flask Lodge

Dam Flask Lodge

Sailing Club

The Sailing Club

Dam Flask view

A short stretch of road lead us into Low Bradfield and at the Post Office we spotted a sign for Our Cow Molly Ice Cream, a Sheffield institution, which was irresistible. Retracing our steps we arrived at the northern bank of the reservoir and eventually the dam from where we drove steeply up the hill through Low Bradfield to High Bradfield.

dam Flask

Dam Flask from the Dam

High Bradfield has a very prominent pub (The Horns) with a big terrace out front with wide views over the surrounding countryside. St Nicholas church also stands high on the hill overlooking the valley. There are number of picturesque cottages and houses including the watch tower. From where watchmen looked out for body snatchers in the nearby graveyard.

watch tower

The Former Watch Tower

St Nicholas Church

St Nicholas Church


Bradfield Church perched above the valley  [source]

There is a footpath just beyond the watch tower which leads through the churchyard to the woods beyond. Just above the church are the earthworks of a motte and bailey castle.


Motte and Bailey Remains can be glimpsed through the undergrowth

churchyard view

Churchyard View towards Strines Moor and Agden Reservoir

Simon Jenkins has a few things to say about the interior of the church but it was firmly locked so, like him, we just sat for a while and enjoyed the glorious view just four miles from the centre of Sheffield.


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