Labour Day on the Hart-Montague Trail


The Hart-Montague Trail is primarily a bike trail and it follows a disused railway track between Hart and Montague, two small towns in Oceana and Muskegon Counties in West Michigan just east of the Lake. The trail was the first designated Linear State Park in the US. It’s 24 miles in total and primarily used by cyclists but any non-motorised vehicles may use it and walkers too, of course. No horse riding is allowed, though.


On one of our first visits to Michigan with our sons who were about 10 and 14 I biked the trail with our elder son from Hart in the north to Montague in the south. Since then I’ve been tempted to walk at least some of it but it involves having a lift and being picked up again. Even worse this year, I’ve been without a mobile ‘phone for the trip. However, dear husband volunteered this morning to drop me off in the small town of Shelby (just after Milepost 7) and pick me up in the next small town (just after Milepost 12). This part of the route runs more or less parallel with the Oceana Drive highway but the road noise is mostly muffled by the vegetation.




Hikers, snow-mobilers, cyslists, skateboarders may all use the trail – mural along the route in Shelby


The Asphalt Trail is Ten Feet Wide


Handy rest spots, good signage and regular Mileposts along the route


Mostly the trail passes through countryside with the occasional town, village or, as here, refuelling stops


My destination in sight. On the left a co-operative grain store facility


New Era is eerily quiet on Labour Day Bank Holiday Monday


I hope I’ll get the chance to walk another section before we move on at the end of the week.


4 comments on “Labour Day on the Hart-Montague Trail

  1. Nice! Very thoughtful of them to add benches for weary walkers or cyclists.

  2. sherry says:

    Pretty. Nice that the weather cooperated.

    • Hi sherry, although rain threatened when we arrived we have had nothing but warm sunshine with lake breezes so we count ourselves lucky. Nothing too extreme although I hear it could change.

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