Meet the Neighbours : The Grange Tour


Welcome to The Grange

St Edward’s Presbytery on St Augustine’s Road, Ramsgate is just part of the original religious community that was Pugin’s master plan.

I have purchased a fine piece of Land about an acre facing the Sea at Ramsgate close to the spot where blessed Austin Landed. I shall not erect a grecian villa but a most substantial catholic house not very Large but convenient & solid & there is every prospect of a small church on the same ground which will be delightful. When this is finished I shall hope to induce you to come to me & enjoy what is so rarely to be attained – the delight of the sea with catholic architecture & a Library.”


St Edward’s Presbytery from roof of The Grange


St Augustine’s from the Roof of The Grange

Thus wrote Augustus Pugin to his friend John Rouse Bloxam in 1843 and quoted in the little guide to The Grange published by The Landmark Trust.

On Wednesday afternoons The Landmark Trust organise public tours of The Grange. As we were staying at the Presbytery we could join the tour for free and it was also interesting in that we met the Landmarkers who were occupying the Grange that week. The next day we invited them to come and have a long round our Presbytery and they kindly invited us back to see the upstairs and other rooms not included on the public tour.


The Tour Begins with an Introductory Talk in the Cartoon Room

You can read all about the history of the site here.


The Grange and Church overlook the English Channel


The Pentice, or Covered Walkway to the Front Door of The Grange


Pugin’s Tiles (everywhere). The bird is a Martlet


AWN Pugin’s Desk at The Grange


The Pugin Library


The Dining Room


The Sitting Room Fireplace


A W N Pugin


Jane Pugin, his third wife



In Addition to The Presbytery and The Grange Residents in each Property have Access to Edward’s Study which is also bookable for Approved Private Events. Edward Pugin was Augustus’s son.

Finally, after the tour, we rounded off our afternoon of all things Pugin with a visit to St Augustine’s church next door which is open daily. Here Pugin and members of his family are buried and work is being carried out to make improvements and repairs with a view to opening a Visitor Centre and developing the site generally to make it into a “visitor destination”.


The Pugin Chantry designed by him and his son Edward. The Family Vault lies below



2 comments on “Meet the Neighbours : The Grange Tour

  1. Fran says:

    Somewhere to be visited! Years ago, in my life as a nanny I lived with a family in a house converted from a former concert hall which had been added to a Jacobean Manor House. The hall had been designed by Pugin the Younger; Edward. It had a stunning oriel window and a original bathroom and bedroom. This I slept in for some time. Peacock tiles in the bathroom….sadly years before digital cameras so I have only one photo of the exterior.

    • Apart from The Ramsgate Tunnels ( ), which we also visited, The Pugin “Quarter” (or however it will be termed) will become a big tourist draw for Ramsgate which seemed to need an injection of funds. Good luck to the project. What a combination – Jacobean and Gothic Revival. Presumably the house exterior and interior have been preserved. I hope your room and bathroom were as comfortable as those at The Grange and Presbytery. We didn’t take so many snaps in pre-digital times but I still have a trunk full of old photos! Many, of course, were not taken by me. Thanks for adding your comments to the post, Fran. Barbara

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