Happy New Year and Changes at The Boudoir – Important Announcement!

Hello everyone and especially all who follow my posts either via the WordPress Reader Site or by having emails posted into your Inbox as each of my posts goes live. It’s lovely to have you with me but lately I’ve had unwanted viewings and spam comments and so I have made the decision to make miladysboudoir.net private. This means that all of you, I hope, will re-apply to keep following my travels and other posts.

When I started posting from miladysboudoir it was purely for my own records and this is still very much the case. I don’t need or want lots of followers but I do appreciate all of your comments and ‘Likes’. I used to upload many photos on Flickr but found that I was wanting to add information and links and decided that maybe blogging was the way to go. I never considered all the options at the time and I’m still discovering more and more about WordPress. So, following chats with the very helpful “Happiness Engineers” at WordPress, I have decided that the best way to proceed is to put up a message (this one) to explain what’s happening and hope that keen followers and good friends will still wish to come along with me.

Thank you all for your understanding and a very happy and healthy new year to you all.



16 comments on “Happy New Year and Changes at The Boudoir – Important Announcement!

  1. dovegreyreader says:

    I’m in!! I just have to get you out of spam somehow. Having a great big email spring clean here.

  2. dovegreyreader says:

    Oh good, I can reply direct from your posts in my email, sorry delete all these.

  3. Yes it does. I’m also finding my way around!

  4. Thank you for granting me continued access to your wonderful blog with its stunning photographs, and a happy New Year.

  5. sherry02738 says:

    Hooray, Happy New Year!

  6. sarahwrightson says:

    Lovely to be here, and thank you for your blog. I so like joining in your travels.

  7. saffronbeach says:

    Nice to be back, Barbara. Happy new year and happy blogging. Rhona (New wordpress name : saffronbeach)

  8. oldenburgr says:

    Hi Barbara, thank you for the invitation to remain connected to your blog. You visit such wonderful and interesting places! —Ruth

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