Twenty Five Trees in a Mill

Here in Yorkshire we have two Unesco World Heritage sites. I’m not too sure exactly what is required in order to be appointed to this lofty status – maybe it’s all about preservation. The nearest one to me is Saltaire which was awarded this accolade in 2001. On Monday I took a trip with the Banker to visit one of my favourite local shopping destinations – Salts Mill in Saltaire village.

Saltaire Village from Salts Mill

It was really miserable weather so we decided to give the village itself a miss and head straight for the Mill itself – dodging rain and puddles between the car park and the huge mill door.

Salts Mill and the surrounding model village was built for Bradford businessman and philanthropist Titus Salt and opened in 1853. In 1987 the mill stood empty and it took another enterprising businessman, Jonathan Silver, to buy it and create the 1853 Gallery and Salts Mill as it is today. He suggested to his friend and fellow Bradfordian David Hockney that the Mill might be a good place in which to display some his pictures and Hockney agreed. Sadly, Mr Silver died of cancer in 1997 but the enterprise itself has gone from strength to strength.

Currently there are two Hockney exhibitions. The permanent display in the ground floor 1853 Gallery is the world’s largest display of Hockney pictures. Here you can also see many of the Burmantofts pots (see top picture) and buy art materials and books. The temporary exhibit 25 trees and other pictures will be showing on the third floor until the end of April 2012.

Besides art and related books there is also Salts Diner, Salts Book and Poster Shop, The Home – a shop selling the very best in home ware designs, an Espresso Bar, Carlton Antiques and Trek and Trail outdoor gear shop.

Salts Book and Poster Shop

It’s not easy to decide what to order for lunch!

I’m so lucky to have Salts Mill nearby – it makes a perfect day out.

Finally, here is my own tree with best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all Miladys readers!


16 comments on “Twenty Five Trees in a Mill

  1. Lyn says:

    Love the tree Barbara – & the bookshop! Merry Christmas.

    • Thank you, Lyn. The book shop is especially nice – and I love the tree too. Merry Christmas!

    • What a wonderful place Barbara, the sort if place I suspect I would mooch around for hours. A little like The Cider Press at Dartington where we will head to this week and lunch at Cranks.
      Love the tree and of course your Ianthe curtains, my most favourite Liberty design. I saw the rug last time I was in the shop, just beautiful. Such a timeless design.
      MerryChristmas to you and yours x

      • As you know I love the Cider Press Centre (and Cranks, too), Lynne. We don’t manage a visit very time we’re in Devon – there’s so much else besides that we love to do. Enjoy your day there and hope your Christmas was as peaceful and enjoyable as ours was.

  2. bleuroses says:

    Gorgeous Tree, and I LOVE your curtains! Oh, and I spy a Virago Green Spine of Holtby’s South Riding. Perfect!! Happy Christmas, Milady!


  3. Janet D says:

    Happy Christmas and New Year! x

  4. […] I wrote about Saltaire and Salts Mill last year I mentioned how lucky I was here in Yorkshire to have TWO Unesco World Heritage Sites on […]

  5. Katie says:

    Barbara, did you take me to Salts Mill? It looks familiar and the David Hockney thing really rings a bell. Anyway, glad you had a good Christmas and hugs to you and Steve.

    • Barbara Howard says:

      Hey! How did I miss this comment?? Thank you for looking in, Katie, and yes we must have visited Salts mill when you were here. I’m ready to take you again whenever you come again!

  6. …and were there nice things in all those lovely looking parcels…

  7. Oh yes, two beautiful scarves for me plus some Neals Yard lavender stuff, a book, some perfume … but no cuddly toy!

  8. Lorraine S. says:

    I would love to return to England (only saw London for 4 days!), for a bookshop tour. You take beautiful pictures. Thanks to you, Margaret at booksplease and Newtonhouseltd. for the lovely and historical pictures of Great Britain.

  9. Thank you, Lorraine. I do hope you will be over here very soon. I love London but it is SO not typically England!

  10. […] for different uses but I see from the website that it sells so much more. Apart from at The Home at Salts Mill this is the only other place that I have seen my Book […]

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