Bring me Sunshine … or at least Lunch in the Sun Terrace Restaurant

Small wonder Eric Morecambe was wanting people to bring him sunshine. We didn’t see much of it on our day out at the seaside in Morecambe yesterday. In fact when my train drew into the station more people were getting on the train than were getting off it. Not deterred, my friend A and I headed for the seafront and the recommended traditional Italian Ice Cream Parlour Brucciani’s.

Taking us back to the “good old days”

The Lavs are free now! (To Brucciani’s customers)

Much of Morecambe has seen better days but it has such great potential for revival with its Winter Gardens, the Platform Theatre in the former Midland Railway Station, cafes like Lewis’s and Brucciani, the star of the show beautifully restored Art Deco Midland Hotel and the lovely Stone Jetty where ferries tied up in days gone by. It’s such a shame about the weather and the credit crunch hasn’t helped either. We noticed lots of new sculpture, most of it taking the form of seabirds, and a path from the front to the station called Flock of Words.

The Winter Gardens

The Midland Hotel

One of the Tern Project Sculptures

After a quick photo shoot with Eric Morecambe we visited one shop on the front: Woods of Morecambe. We made a few purchases and then battled against the wind and rain to walk back along the promenade  and around the front of the hotel before taking our places in the Sun Terrace Restaurant of The Midland Hotel for lunch.

For starters how could we resist Frank Benson’s Morecambe Bay Potted Shrimps with Toasted Sourdough as we sat looking out at the tide rushing in over the bay itself?   For afters we both chose the Selection of Lewis of Morecambe ice creams.  I must say the Selection of Great British Cheeses with Fruit Chutney and Home Made Chorley Cakes sounded very tempting, had I not filled up on the previous two courses. True to its name as we dawdled through our meal, chatting and savouring the food and the experience, slowly the sun did appear and by the time we reluctantly felt we should leave the sun was out and blue sky appearing through the cloud cover. On a future visit Afternoon Tea on the Sun Terrace is definitely high on my list.

A quick visit to the Tourist Office (for postcards) also in the former Midland Railway Station was followed by a stroll along the Stone Jetty which looked to have a nice old cafe which itself is topped by a lighthouse. The views from Morecambe seafront and the Jetty are amazing and worth the visit alone. All of the Lake District mountains and the mysterious sands and channels of Morecambe Bay fill the picture.

The Stone Jetty

Some of the postcards

All too soon it was time to go our separate ways and we returned via the Flock of Words footpath to Morecambe’s modern railway station – just 2 empty platforms these days: even the ticket office was closed. But Morecambe has lots going for it and if it can weather the storm of the present tough financial times I foresee a return to a form of former glory.

Sun and blue sky appear as we turn to leave


5 comments on “Bring me Sunshine … or at least Lunch in the Sun Terrace Restaurant

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  2. ms6282 says:

    Looks like you had a good day out despite our “summer” weather. I agree that Morecambe has, potentially, a lot going for it. The Midland hotel is a fantastic Modernist building that has been well restored as has the stone jetty. And the views across the bay towards the lakes is fantastic – providing its not raining, of course! But regenerating our seaside resorts is something of a losing battle, I think.

    • Thank you for reading and your comment. I do wonder who actually stays at the hotel in all its glory but unlike most of the rest of Morecambe it was abuzz with people.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post, and your photos were wonderful. I love Morecambe – it is so unspoiled, like seaside towns used to be. We travel up to Barrow every year, and usually try to squeeze in a trip to Morecambe, sometimes taking the train, which provides spectacular views.

    • Sorry to be so long in replying to your very welcome comment, Christine. I’ve been away gathering more stuff for further posts! I found Morecambe to be a bit of a mixture but rather sad and forlorn as it was rather unseasonal weather. Thank you!

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