Landmarking in North Devon : Anderton House

Staying at Anderton House in North Devon these last few days reminded me of visits that I have recently made to Modernist houses and also sleeping in the single study bedroom took me back to my student days at Hull University in the 1970s.

2 Willow Road

2, Willow Road, NW3, 1939 [National Trust]

Villa Savoye

The Villa Savoye, 1928-1931


High Cross House, 1932 [National Trust]


The Lawns, student residences, Cottingham near Hull [Source]

The Lawns was built in the 1960s and I lived there for two years between 1970 and 1972. The Villa Savoye, High Cross House and 2, Willow Road were both built in the 1930s and seemed way ahead of their time. Even more ahead of their time are the American houses designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright, an influence on the architect of Anderton House, Peter Aldington.

Anderton House on arrival

Here is how the Landmark Trust introduce Anderton House (above) on their website and their justification (if any were needed) for adding this unusual property to their portfolio:

AH and Goodleigh sign

Anderton House appeals to anyone who enjoys modern architecture or wishes to be transported back to the 1970s. The integration of inside and outside spaces makes the open plan living area a grandstand for the changing lights on the Devon hills beyond. A large open plan kitchen, dining and sitting area are carefully planned on two levels with furnishings that evoke the period.

Anderton House Sitting room 3

AH sitting room

The Sitting Area

Anderton House dining area

Dining Area overlooked by the Kitchen

B and W pics Anderton House 2

Original black and white photos of Anderton House (reproduced in “Aldington, Craig and Collinge” by Alan Powers)

For all its modernity, Anderton House is as much at home in the rolling Devon landscape it overlooks as the longhouses that inspired its profile. It is an exceptional example of uncompromisingly modern design executed in simple materials. The roof appears to float cleverly over the spacious open plan living area with its sliding glass walls. The house retains all its contemporary materials and detailing and is furnished to match.

Anderton House the hall

The Hall linking ‘public’ with ‘private’ areas

Anderton House original photo of hall

Photo of the Hall from the Kitchen in “Aldington, Craig and Collinge”

Buildings of any age can find themselves at risk. As a building designed by a living architect, Anderton House was a new departure for us when we acquired it in 2000. We chose it for all the reasons we usually apply to older buildings and happily caught it before changing tastes had been allowed to blur its clean lines or site drainage problems to damage its fabric. It is listed Grade II*.”

Even before staying here I had always thought it an excellent choice.


5 comments on “Landmarking in North Devon : Anderton House

  1. visitinghousesandgardens says:

    Once again…. I visited the NT’s The Homewood in Surrey today and while I was waiting for my pics to upload it made me smile to see you post about other modernist homes. If you haven’t been to The Homewood, it is well worth a visit.

    • Fancy that! I had forgotten about Homewood. I must find out how to get there from London. Look forward to reading your report.

      • visitinghousesandgardens says:

        Super simple – 28 minute train journey from Waterloo. Then a bus 2 miles to Claremont Landscape Garden. They run a minibus to the house.

  2. Thank you! I have just been working it out and maybe Friday 31st May will be the day. It seems a simple trip from where I’m staying. I expect, weather permitting, I shall enjoy a walk around Claremont too.

  3. […] (designed for the Andertons’ teenage daughter) that reminds me so much of my student days at The Lawns, […]

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