In and Around Anderton House : a Photo Album, 1

The Landmark Libraries and the accompanying literature supplied by the Trust always add to my enjoyment of any Landmark stay. At Anderton House it was no exception.

On the non-fiction shelves in the sitting room, alongside the usual reference books such as the local edition of Pevsner, I enjoyed reading ‘a garden & three houses‘; words by Jane Brown; pictures by Richard Bryant; captions by Peter and Margaret Aldington (Garden Art Press, 1999). This is the story of the Aldington’s designing and building of their home Turn End (and the two neighbouring houses) in Buckinghamshire. Also, ‘Aldington, Craig and Collinge: twentieth century architects; by Alan Powers (RIBA, 2009) and ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses‘ by Thomas A. Heinz (Grange Books, 2002).

There was a choice of jigsaw puzzles in the study area called The Dog House (see photos below) but none appealed, and besides, I was too busy reading. However, I discovered this selection of 300 piece puzzles any one of which looks more attractive to me!

Here is a photographic tour of the main features of the house and its contents and environment.

Anderton House the drive

The Approach Drive after a sharp bend from the road

Rear of Anderton House

Another tightish turn to get into the Car Port

Weclome to the Anderton House Come inside

Welcome to Anderton House, come inside

Welcome to Anderton House

The Housekeeper’s Welcome Tray [note plain white LSA International crockery]

Anderton House ancient and modern

Entrance Hall contains a mixture of ancient and modern

Anderton House the dog house and sitting room

Down the steps is the glass-walled sitting area

On the right is the ‘Dog House’ a study area where Mr Anderton could work with his papers and not mess up the sitting room with them, could still be part of the house company and also appreciate the stunning hillside views.

Anderton House The Dog House Study

The Dog House

Anderton House Eames Chair

There are iconic Eames Chairs in the Sitting Room …

Anderton House sitting area modern art

… and some modern art

Anderton House kitchen area

The efficient kitchen

Anderton House dining area

The Dining Area with 1970s Denby Arabesque display

An original plan of Anderton House

And here is the original plan of the house from Powers’ book showing the ‘public’ areas quite separate from the ‘private’ areas


8 comments on “In and Around Anderton House : a Photo Album, 1

  1. sherry says:

    Lovely setting, but the house is too modern for me.

  2. Well, I happen to know of a modernist cottage just a few thousand miles further that is awaiting your visit, complete with iconic Eames lounge. There’s also a new table in the dining area (handmade by John) with those plywood Eames chairs around it. This Anderton house looks spectacular, and right in our old stomping grounds. I want to stay there.

    • And I happen to know it and love it too, of course, Julie! First thing D said when we arrived was “It’s just like Julie and John’s cottage”. We will get there – just waiting for the nod from S.

  3. Julie Stivers shared this with me. This house is great especially set in that beautiful countryside! When you come to visit Julie and John you will have to check out all of the midcentury architecture we have in West Michigan. Pam VanderPloeg

    • Pamela, lovely to meet you and welcome you here to the Boudoir! We visited the FLW house (Meier May?) in Grand Rapids and also The Robie House in Chicago but I know there’s a wealth of other Modernist buildings in the midwest so a little tour would be right up my street. Can’t wait to get there again. Thanks for dropping by, Barbara.

  4. queenbreaca says:

    What a wonderful house, sadly beyond my means to ever stay there. Of course, the crockery has to fit the house, which it beautifully does. Old Chelsea wouldn’t have achieved the same effect, would it?
    Greetings from Hamburg, complete with sunshine, birdsong, blossoming apple trees and first butterflies (all about ten days behind this year)!

    • Welcome to Miladysboudoir, QB, and thank you for the comment. Yes, one has to pick and choose times and dates to get the best value from the Landmark Trust. I agree, Old Chelsea, much as I love it, would be entirely out of place at Anderton House. I liked the substitute very much. I expected it to be the Denby Arabesque so I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a pity I can’t say the same about the weather here in Yorkshire. I think we must be a month behind!

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