In and Around Anderton House : a Photo Album, 3 [Goodleigh to Gidleigh]

Anderton House view from single bedroom

I have mentioned the wonderful views to be had from the glass walls of the sitting area and from each of the bedrooms at Anderton House but there is also a very relaxing garden on a couple of levels and sloping down the fields in front.

Anderton House water feature in garden

When the sliding glass door is opened, even fractionally, you can sit inside and hear the gentle tinkle of the water feature just outside.

Anderton House and footpath

There’s a short Public Footpath across the field which leads down to the main road that runs through Goodleigh, two miles from Barnstaple. I surprised to see that the village had two twins. Both sound like villages in France and indeed they lie close to each other in Normandy, not far from the Normandy Landing Beaches of the Second World War.

Goodleigh twinnings

The church of St Gregory stands high above the main street and right on the street itself is The New Inn. We didn’t manage to get there but plenty of Landmarkers at Anderton House had enjoyed their meals.

Goodleigh Church

The Church of St Gregory, Goodleigh

Goodleigh War Memorial

The Goodleigh War Memorial

New Inn

The New Inn, Goodleigh

One of my favourite walks in Devon is through the grounds at Gidleigh Park. Although it’s a drive from Goodleigh we were really looking forward to it as after the very wet walk we had booked an Afternoon Tea. Yummy!

Gidleigh Park Hotel

Gidleigh Park in the rain!

Gidleigh Park

The Water Garden at Gidleigh – brimming over!

Tea at Gidleigh Park

The Afternoon Tea


4 comments on “In and Around Anderton House : a Photo Album, 3 [Goodleigh to Gidleigh]

  1. Julie Stivers says:

    Oh Devon! You are breaking my heart.

  2. Nilly says:

    I didn’t realise these posts about the Chagford area – one of my favourite Devon villages. How interesting!

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