In and Around Anderton House : a Photo Album, 2

You’ll notice on the plan shown in the previous post that there’s a circular pod containing a guest cloakroom and house bathroom. This pod narrows the corridor between the ‘public’ areas – sitting room, dining area, kitchen – and the ‘private’ sleeping quarters. It’s simple but effective.

Anderton House bathroom

The House Bathroom

There are three bedrooms: a double, a twin and the single study bedroom (designed for the Andertons’ teenage daughter) that reminds me so much of my student days at The Lawns, Cottingham.

Anderton House double bedroom

The Double Bedroom

Anderton House Curtain fabric 'Palm Trees' by Liberty

Double Bedroom Curtain Fabric – Palm Trees by Liberty

Anderton House twin room

The Twin Bedroom

Anderton House Curtain fabric 'Cogwheels' by Heals

Twin Bedroom Curtain Fabric – Cogwheels by Heals

Anderton House single bedroom

Single Bedroom with Curtain Fabric Nimbus by Heals

Anderton House 'Nimbus' curtains by Heals

Curtain Fabric, Nimbus by Heals

Anderton House single room

Single Bedroom

Anderton House single study bedroom

Study Desk in the Single Bedroom

I was intrigued to see a separate selection of fiction on the single study bedroom shelf. Many of the titles/authors I knew had Devonian connections – Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, Williamson’s ‘Tarka the Otter’, Thomas hardy, Charles Kingsley. Some I have made a note to read in future in order to discover whether or not there’s a connection or whether the connection is merely the decade of publication  e.g. Dodie Smith’s ‘It ends in revelations’ and David Garnett’s ‘Plough over the bones: a novel about a French village in the Great War’.

Sometimes I find that hanging space at Landmark properties is at a premium. Not the case here at Anderton House. Each room had a decent built-in cupboard and set of drawers.

Anderton House decent hanging space


2 comments on “In and Around Anderton House : a Photo Album, 2

  1. Nilly says:

    Very interesting to see this house, though I’m struggling to like the 1970s look. All that knotty pine! But I find the curtains wonderful, which is reassuring. I would hate to think my taste in design was too rigidly stuck in the distant past.

    • Nilly, I’m glad there was at least ‘something’ to meet with your approval! I think one of the very best things is the light and airiness and the views from the huge windows.

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