World Monument. The Salginatobel Bridge

Salgina Tobel Brücke

Just outside the village of Schiers where I’m staying is a World Monument – The Salginatobel Bridge. It isn’t UNESCO World Heritage protected as I had originally thought but is specially recognised and has been awarded the honour of being an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

Bridge sign

It is little used but has a fascinating history as it looks like a very modern bridge but in fact was built and opened in 1930/31. Robert Maillart, the Swiss engineer whose company won the contract to build the connection over the 90m gorge, was a pioneer in the use of reinforced concrete and this bridge is an outstanding example of his work.

Salgina bridge walk

I did come across it by accident on one of my walks but at the weekend friends drove me up to it again to get a better look at it and to visit the viewing platform which I had missed previously.

Bridge map

Map showing Schiers and The Bridge

bridge 3

bridge 2



10 comments on “World Monument. The Salginatobel Bridge

  1. Declan OBrien says:

    Very interesting. Amazing it was designed and built in 1930; looks so modern! Views must be great! Yesterday we went for walk with Cathy and Edward on Howth Head. Lovely to spend some hours with them. We hope to meet next week again. Looks like your experience in Switzerland is going very, very well! Enjoy the remainder of your trip.

    Love Sally & Declan

    Sent from my iPad

    • Thanks, Declan. Glad you managed to meet up. I think Howth Head has Joycean connections – possibly Dubliners and almost certainly Ulysses although I have never read the latter. Yes, enjoying Switzerland for sure! x

  2. Sarah Wrightson says:

    Such excellent photos I’m left with a slight case of vertigo. How very beautiful.

  3. Julie Stivers says:

    I’m forwarding this one to John. He loves a good bridge.

  4. Julie Stivers says:

    I just looked on the map to see again exactly where you are, and realized you are not too far from St. Gallen, where our former exchange student worked until recently. He told me about the Abbey Library there and I’ve always wanted to see it:

    • Yes, I know about it and by American standards it’s not so far but there are so many places in the immediate area so I never made it to St Gallen (it’s a two hour train journey). It’s on my list but I never intended this time to go there. I also would have liked to visit Bregenz on Lake Constance but I have to save for the next time ;-). I need long enough to do it justice!

  5. Nilly says:

    Aaargh – I’m dizzy!

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