Nietzsche’s House in Sils Maria

Nietzsche House

Nietzsche lived here

My knowledge of the life and philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche comes entirely from the writing and TV programme made by Alain de Botton a few years ago in his series Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness. Here is the episode on Nietzsche. In it he visits the house in Sils Maria where FN spent several summers in the 1880s. I was at that house last Saturday.

The village of Sils Maria is in huge contrast with nearby St Moritz with its glitz and glamour. I will however say, very much in its favour, that the setting of St Moritz is simply breathtaking.

St Moritz Bad

St Moritz Bad (Spa) and Lake

St Moritz Lake

St Moritz Lake

Sils Maria is in a no less dramatic situation with a lake and mountains but it also has much prettier architecture, very distinctive of the Engadine region, and a varied and interesting summer cultural programme. Some of it focussing on the Nietzsche House but lots more besides – walks, concerts, talks – many with literary connections.


Some brochures I picked up in Sils Maria

There’s a fantastic library and a huge amount of primary and secondary material at the house and it’s also possible to stay there as a guest and facilitate oneself of these research sources. Read more about the donations to the library here.

His works

Just part of the collection of Nietzsche’s works


A Corner of the Library

His room

Nietzsche’s Room

Nietzsche's view

The View from Nietzsche’s House


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