The Wandering Walsers

Wondering what to do in Liechtenstein besides visiting the Postage Stamp Museum in the capital Vaduz I read the following lines in the Liechtenstein section of my Rough Guide to Switzerland :

… pretty TRIESENBERG, perched on a sunny hillside above the Rhine [is] best known as the adopted home of a community of Walser people, who left their homes in [Canton] Wallis (German-speaking Valais) in the thirteenth century to spread across central Europe. Many of the houses are wooden chalets built in the Walser style. The modern, well-presented Walser Heimatmuseum documents Walser history and culture.”

Walsers in Switzerland

The spread of Walsers in Switzerland

Walsers in Eastern Switzerland

The Distribution of  Walsers in eastern Switzerland, Liechtenstein and western Austria

Key to maps

Key to Above Two Maps

1. German-speaking Valais : original homeland

2. Settled by Walsers

3. Settled in the past by Walsers (nowadays have a different dialect)

I had heard of this resettlement of the Walliser folk in other areas of Graubünden during my stay (St Antonien and near Davos) but was very surprised to see a map at the museum showing the extent of the diaspora.

There’s also a 400 year-old Walser house preserved in Triesenberg and open to the public occasionally. It wasn’t open on the day of my visit.

Walser House

The Walser House in Triesenberg

If I find myself with a few hours to spare next time I’m in Liechtenstein I’ll give the Walser Sagen Weg walk a go.

Walser Leaflets


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