My Life in Books : Series 4 : Day 2 : Milady’s Day!

One of the annual features of my friend Simon’s blog is the week where he invites other bloggers to more or less take over and re-enacts a BBC TV series My Life in Books. A couple of months ago I was flattered to be invited to participate in this year’s pairing. If you are interested you can read the result here :

Simon and I are both members of the same online book discussion group and meet up occasionally often with many other members during December or in the summer when fewer members are prepared to leave the safety of the big city!

At Great Malvern

Simon and I (left and right) at Great Malvern, summer 2013


7 comments on “My Life in Books : Series 4 : Day 2 : Milady’s Day!

  1. Thanks for linking, Barbara, and thanks for taking part! And I do like that photo – what a nice reminder of a very fun day 🙂

    • Thank you, Simon. I’ve read and enjoyed all the other series and at last my ‘day of fame’ arrived! Next year we will have to try to persuade more members to join us in the summer – perhaps in Oxford? … Watch this space.

  2. I enjoyed reading your life in books – lots of books there that I know and love, and it’s always nice to learn about books that mean so much to people.

  3. Nilly says:

    Your life in books evoked happy memories – except one! I too hated what Eng. Lit. at school did to my enjoyment of certain authors. I developed a technique of skimming, remembering names and plot lines and then embroidering what I remembered for exams. I blush even now at the top marks I received for NOT reading those books – but thank goodness that school’s emphasis on over-analyzing each chapter did not destroy my enthusiasm for reading .

    • Thank you, Nilly. Yes, your techniques very similar to mine. I got a good ‘O’ level grade for English Literature but couldn’t understand the friends who then went on to ‘A’ level to ‘destroy’ even more classics.

  4. […] friend, fellow blogger and fellow online book group  moderator Simon at Stuck-in-a-Book read and recommended “Phantoms on the Bookshelves” this year. About […]

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