Three weeks in New England on Instagram

Just a few days ago we returned from our holiday in New England. When I’m away I try to post each day on Instagram so the family can see where I am or where I’ve been and what I have seen. I’ve been busy since I got back so here’s a selected taster from that trip and soon I’ll be back with some detailed posts. But it’s been a “proper” holiday lounging about, reading and enjoying the relaxation.

Our cosy Cape Cod Cottage in East Falmouth

The Island Queen to Martha’s Vineyard

Seen on the Chappaquidick Ferry- a reminder of our next trip

Woods Hole Marina and Oceanographic Institute

Little Libraries always catch my eye

End of Season Sand Sculpture, Barnstable, MA

Connecticut River Vermont/New Hampshire

The Carriage House near Brattleboro VT

Eric Carle Museum, Amherst MA

Vermont Maple Syrup made here

Vermont View

LL Bean, Freeport ME “We never close


10 comments on “Three weeks in New England on Instagram

  1. dianabirchall says:

    Oh wonderful! Cannot wait to see more, more, more pictures of this trip. Cape Cod, Vermont, here I come, through Milady’s eyes!

  2. L.L. Bean and Woods Hole?? You are my hero. I almost made it to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (I really wanted to because of Dr. Ballard’s discovery of the Titanic) on my own trip through New England, but alas, there wasn’t time.

  3. Julie Stivers says:

    Salcombe t-shirt in New England? Did you find out why? Amazin.

  4. nilly says:

    All I can say is lucky, lucky you! Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Marie-Noëlle says:

    Dearest Milady !!!
    I’m back to life !!! It’s been so good (and long) to read your blog again (must confess I used some shortcuts sometimes) !!! Pleased you’ve had a good time…
    Shall give you my news in a private mail…
    Hope you and yours are doing well !

    • Welcome back, MN, with open arms. Lovely to hear from you. I’ll await your mail to know how you are all doing. We are all fine. Busy busy busy despite retirement … or because of it! xx

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