Christmas in Black and White and Colour

2014 tree

Compliments of the Season to Everyone.

Two weeks ago I slipped on black ice and fractured my right wrist. This is severely limiting my typing ability and posts will be very intermittent for a while.

However, I’d like to share pictures of the lovely gifts I received this Christmas. As often happens they fall into themes. Each gift has been especially and thoughtfully chosen with ME in mind. I could not have chosen better myself.

black and white

Black and White Gifts

tea tray

Tea Related Gifts (although someone thinks I’d rather be drinking wine!)

london books

London Books, DVDs and Walk Map

I enjoy London walks and exploring the Hampstead and Belsize Park areas when I’m walking my son’s dog. I have the original Quiet London book and it has now spawned three more. I’m happy to spend the next weeks planning future explorations in London.

I’ve read W G Sebald‘s ‘The Rings of Saturn’ and seen this film. I’m looking forward to watching ‘Patience (after Sebald)’ again. Much of it is filmed in East Anglia where ‘Max’ Sebald lived and was professor at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. Sadly, when his very original writing was taking he off, he was killed in a motor accident near his home in 2001.


Moi and MA

A story about a Pug called Moi set at Versailles

Alfie at Gif

Alfie at Gif-Sur-Yvette

We took my son’s pug with us when we stayed at the Windsor’s place near Versailles in 2012. In addition I had other smellies; plus a box of cards for me to write my thank you notes – if I can manage that this year!



My thanks to everyone for these special gifts!


17 comments on “Christmas in Black and White and Colour

  1. Hope the wrist is better soon – I imagine it is very painful.

  2. ms6282 says:

    Some great prezzies. Love the tea, books (could use the Belzize/Hampstead guides in a couple of weeks) and dvd. Hope the wrist recovers soon and doesn’t stop you getting out and about

    • Yes, I was really pleased with everything too. No plans to be away until the end of February so if there ever could be a ‘good’ time for it to happen, this was it. Happy New Year, Mick. Hope you have good travels at home and away lined up for 2015.

  3. RobinWire says:

    Lucky you (the prezzies) and poor you (the wrist). Hope you get on the mend (and can enjoy some reading time in the meantime)!

  4. Fran says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, and hope you are able ro get out and about soon. Until then happy reading!

  5. JODY says:

    I love the Liz Earl cleanser! Hope your wrist is better soon. Stumbled upon your blog after watching a documentary on Hampton Court palace.

  6. Many, many thanks for sharing your travels and photographs, Barbara, and a happy year to come.

  7. Ruth O. says:

    So sorry you fell and fractured your wrist. Hope it mends well! Looks like you received lots of special presents! Happy New Year!

  8. Agnes says:

    How nice, all this gifts and how bad – your wrist, poor Barbara. But anyway I wish you all the best for 2015, many places to visit and lot of new experiences. And you know, you are always welcome in Switzerland. xx

    • thanks again for the warm wishes, agnes. i hope it won’t be too long before i’m back in switzerland. it doesn’t look likely this year. but who knows? i thought that this time last year! xx

  9. Have only just seen the wrist news…happy healing Barbara and lots of good reading x

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