Hales Great Barn

This weekend was our nephew’s wedding in Norfolk and as this was a family and friends occasion I never expected to conjure up a blog post about it. But, since we got home I couldn’t resist showing you the magnificent venue where the reception was held.

inside great barn

After a few days of seasonally summer weather at last, Saturday dawned wet and cloudy and the rain continued, on and off, throughout the day. It was a shame but it didn’t dull any of our festivities: it just meant that we were inside for rather more time than we had expected to be.

Hempnall Church

The wedding itself took place in St Margaret’s Church, Hempnall (above) and had a lovely relaxed country wedding atmosphere. From there a convoy of cars travelled along the quiet country lanes of Norfolk and Suffolk and across the huge Hales Green Common to reach Hales Hall Barn for the reception.

barn in full

About Hales Hall

The Great Barn at Hales Hall and the Hall itself were built in 1478 and the present Hall is the surviving wing of an even larger house built by Sir James Hobart, the Attorney General to Henry VII. There have been buildings on the site since Roman times.

The barn outside

The 178ft Great Barn is the largest surviving brick-built medieval barn in Britain and features a superb example of a ‘queen-post’ roof.

Massive roof

The Hall and Great Barn had fallen into agricultural use by 1971 when it was purchased by the Read family. It has been lovingly restored and owners Peter Sheppard and Keith Day plan to continue the restoration in the future.

Hales Hall is set on the edge of Hales Green, one of only a few ‘commons’ still grazed by cattle in the summer and is a haven for wildlife. At the heart of the Waveney Valley, Hales is surrounded by market towns and is close to the historic city of Norwich and within easy reach of the Norfolk and Suffolk coast.” [from the Hales Barn]

HH Accommodation

Remaining Buildings of Hales Hall

According to local information the Hall itself was demolished around 1700 leaving only the gatehouse and adjoining domestic building.

Remaining Hall

The Gatehouse

groom and bride

The Happy Couple in the Rain


15 comments on “Hales Great Barn

  1. sherry says:

    Incredible barn, and the roof is truly spectacular!
    What a treat to see the happy couple as well. Rain on the wedding day is supposed to be good luck.

  2. ms6282 says:

    Some barn! (Must donsomething myself on The Rivington barns. Not as grand but still interesting) hope tyou enjoyed the wedding – sure you did 🙂

  3. Thank you, Mick, it was most enjoyable :-). I’m now interested to read more about barns.

  4. Lyn says:

    What a stunning place for a reception! I’m glad you enjoyed the day, even with the rain.

  5. Fran says:

    Lovely venue for a happy occasion. Looking at your photo of the interior I could imagine many local festivities taking place there over the centuries.

  6. What a stunning place and how perfect for a wedding. I love the roof and the Gatehouse looks lovely as well. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Rosanna

  7. nilly says:

    I love the warm colour of those Norfolk bricks – I’d be at home there!

  8. Marti says:

    A truly grand building built for an essential purpose. I remember studying it a long time ago although I have never visited it.

  9. […] had to go in June since we already had a family wedding on 13th and I had booked the month of May to be Ireland. So we had an inkling that this trip might […]

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