Back in Bern!

During November Milady was called to the Jury at Leeds Crown Court and those two (harrowing) weeks were followed by a week busy visiting family and friends in Norwich, London and Surrey and last week preparing for Christmas – writing cards, shopping and buying presents – and planning and packing for THIS week in Switzerland!


I flew from Leeds to Geneva on the first Jet2 flight of the ski season and after a very foggy train journey arrived in Bern and was welcomed by my friend (and namesake) Barbara.


My goal to visit the Christmas Market by the Minster Church was achieved on Sunday.


Milady’s First Taste of Glühwein!


Handmade Recorders that sound like Saxophones











6 comments on “Back in Bern!

  1. Fran says:

    What a wonderful place to spend time just before Christmas, enjoy!

  2. Julie Stivers says:

    Harrowing? Must hear more. Our Swiss student Michael’s mother lives in Bern. We are back in the city now for the winter, just today. This sounds like a lovely trip.

    • I always think of Michael when the train goes through Düdingen. Although he lives somewhere else now. Wow! amazed you survived in the woods until now – very quiet. It’s lovely here alright!

  3. […] On Sunday we walked into the city as far as the Münster (Cathedral) to the beautiful Christmas Craft Market. I had my first taste of Glühwein and admired all the beautiful handiwork and stalls. […]

  4. […] week by invitation of my friend Barbara from Bern I visited Tenerife. This was the first time I’d travelled so far south – to the largest […]

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