The Walled City of Girona

We spent the last two nights of our trip in Girona itself. We had booked an apartment which turned out to be ideally situated for the Historic Centre, grocery and bakery shops and actually faced the starting point of the Girona Walls Walk which had been highly recommended to us as the ideal introduction to the city.


The Walls from our Balcony


Our Balcony from the Walls

Some views from the Walls :


Girona Cathedral and the Historic Centre





Besides visits to the Jewish and Arab Baths in Girona we visited the Cathedral and walked the maze of ancient streets and alleyways.




Girona Cathedral


The Central Courtyard at The Jewish Museum


Rear of the Cathedral


The Cathedral Cloisters


From the top of the Cathedral Steps

At last, I found ROCAMBOLESC … yum-yum!

Then walked back via the River Onyar.





6 comments on “The Walled City of Girona

  1. Fran says:

    Perfect accommodation!

  2. ms6282 says:

    Ah, Girona. A few years ago ( actually more than 10 years) I went to watch Wigan play in Perpignan a made a short break of it flying into Barcelona where I picked up a small car to drive over the border. On the way back I stopped over in Girona. Thought it was a really nice city and your photos bring back some memories 😉

    • Girona would be a perfect location for a few days break, I think you’d agree. The coast 30 minutes away, the mountains about an hour and France 40 minutes. Lots of modern art too, I understand.

      • ms6282 says:

        I only spent the afternoon there. Remember thinking I should return for a proper visit but have never got round to it. Your post has reignited my interest. Do Ryanair still fly there? Will have to check

  3. Don’t know about Ryanair we travelled from Leeds Bradford with Jet2 – my no frills airline of choice.

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