The Medieval City of Besalu

The landscape, paths and routes of our journey over the Hills of Girona were beautiful but then so were the two cities we visited at the end of our week’s trip.

Here are some views of ancient Besalu. NB not a scrap of litter or graffiti in sight.

Portal del Força

Portal de la Força – Castle Gate



Ancient Arcades


Sant Vicenç Church : the Romanesque parish church of Besalu


The Cathedral/Monastery of Sant Pere (Peter)



Hospital of Sant Julia



In addition to the Jewish Baths we also visited The Sausage Museum and the amazing MicroMundi : “Discover how 12 camels pass through the eye of a needle. The museum presents an excellent collection of miniatures and micro miniatures from artists all over the world, enriched with high artistic and technical quality many of them are microscopic. Perfection and beauty.” No photography allowed.



Inside The Sausage Museum


Goodbye to the Old Bridge of Besalu


2 comments on “The Medieval City of Besalu

  1. Fran says:

    Love the narrow streets so cool and look inviting to wander through.

  2. It was a great finish location for our 5 days walk.

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