Sitting down, eating and drinking in Lübeck

You may possibly think that Rhona and I did nothing in Lübeck but trail round museums and galleries and alleys and courtyards and churches but indeed, you’ll be surprised to know, that we did lots of sitting down too!

The first evening we found The Rathaushof near the Town Hall and ate herrings and potatoes. A very typical dish of the region; and that is what it is all about for me.

Matjesfilet (soused herrings)

Between our two museum visits the next day we enjoyed a relaxing pause at the terrace bar of the Hansa Museum. A sparkling rhubarb drink refreshed us along with the view of Lübeck’s working waterfront.

Hansa Museum


After our Hansa Museum visit it was certainly time to sit down so, taking advantage of the discount offered on the back of our Buddenbrookhaus entrance ticket we joined the hour long River Trave and Canal cruise from the quay opposite the famous landmark – The Holstentor.

Holsten Tower

As we sat on the boat we watched the Lübeck waterfront pass by.


our boat

One thing you might know about Lübeck is that it is famous for its marzipan. Niederegger is the best known and at the back of the marzipan shop there’s a continental cafe where we flopped in the late afternoon with a glass of prosecco and a Florenzia cake. Bliss!



with prosecco

On the recommendation of another friend a few weeks before leaving I reserved a table  for our last evening at the Schiffergesellschaft (which means Shipping Company). This is an amazing restaurant. All seemed very quiet as we approached the front door that drizzly evening but as we pushed it open we were overwhelmed by the noisy and jolly atmosphere within. It’s all wood carvings, suspended model ships and dark panelling. The Gemütlich atmosphere was probably due to the fact that we all sat elbow-to-elbow on benches at long wooden trestle tables.

Schiff Gesellschaft

inside fisch gesellschaft


The next afternoon it was time to move on but thank you again, Rhona, for two whole days of fun in Lübeck, for picking me up at Hamburg Airport and dropping me off at my next destination … Boizenburg an der Elbe for the next stage of my adventure!


2 comments on “Sitting down, eating and drinking in Lübeck

  1. ms6282 says:

    I’m surprised that you had any time for sightseeing with all that eating and drinking! 😉

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