Colourful Bornholm

There was no escaping all the primary colours on this island; from the houses to the road ‘furniture’ to fishing smacks to the Danish and Bornholm flags. Here a few examples :









Even the teapots are jolly


6 comments on “Colourful Bornholm

  1. queenbreaca says:

    That’s my Bornholm! Love the shot of the road with “Rotkäppchensteine” (Little Red Riding Hood stones), but forgot where you found the teapots. Did you know they have Rotkäppchensteine in Poland as well? They’re national colours are also red and white.

    • Thank you, again, QB. I thought I would let you tell us about the Red Riding Hood stones so I left out the picture descriptions. The teapots were in the charming tea shop in Rønne where you bought the last of a special tea and we went back to have cuppa. My other interior photos of the shop/tearoom were too dark.

  2. queenbreaca says:

    Sorry, I meant “their” national colours.

  3. Fran says:

    Tres jolie!

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