Bornholm Art Museum

As mentioned previously The Bornholm Art Museum was just a couple cliff miles from our digs on the Bornholm coast. We walked there as soon as we had arrived and had dropped off our luggage. The next morning we began our first island tour with a visit.


The Bornholm Art Museum celebrated its centenary with the dedication of a new building situated near the Helligdomsklipperne. The museum was designed by the architectural firm of Fogh and Følner and built by the Bornholm authorities. It is owned and run by the Bornholm Museum Association. The Art Museum offers its visitors excellent collections of paintings, sculpture and art works related to the island of Bornholm.”


The striking white interior : steps lead down to the modern temporary exhibition


The current exhibition


The Sea is Dark and Vast and Cold


The Viewpoint looks out to sea


I like to think this is a boy looking at maps


Galleries on the first floor are permanent collection


Sculpture and cows – location for the new museum extension (shame)IMG_2658

Jun-Ichi Inoue (1948-2009)
Formally educated sculptor at Musashino Art University, Tokyo 1967-71, and at the sculpture school of the Art Academy of Copenhagen 1974-79. Jun-Ichi Inoue worked primarily in stone. His style was simple, characterised by a stylised abstraction of mountains, rivers, and rocks. His roots in Japanese sculpture often made his works reminiscent of calligraphy.


The grave of Jun-Ichi Inoue in the graveyard of Olsker Church


Olsker Church

From Bornholm Art Museum we drove up to the northern coast and later the same day we paid our respects to  Jun-Ichi Inoue the Japanese sculptor who made Bornholm his home.


7 comments on “Bornholm Art Museum

  1. Love these and all your posts. Thank you. (love maps & traveling, too)

  2. […] the Art Museum we saw several paintings of Hammershus Castle. The dramatic castle ruins have attracted artists […]

  3. ms6282 says:

    That painting of the Sea sums up the North Sea for me! although I know Bornholm is in the Baltic.

  4. queenbreaca says:

    Lovely post! Went to the museum again today, spent hours there, just can’t get enough of it. The young lady at the ticket counter noticed I was wearing my “Bornholms Kunstmuseum” T-shirt and was overjoyed to hear that I visit every time I come to Bornholm.
    Hope you don’t mind my correcting one error: The round church and church yard in which Jun-Ichi Inoue is buried is Olsker, not Ruth church at Rutsker (the latter being where we went immediately before visiting his grave, so it was easy for you to muddle up the two names, especially as it was your first visit).

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