A Beach Walk and Lighthouse at Dueodde

From what I saw on our visit to the southern end of the island of Bornholm it is in total contrast from the north and the dramatic situation of Hammershus. Here are sand dunes and pine woods and sandy beaches and paths. Also, here, for us, the sun shone!

On the Bornholm map the area called Dueodde is, not surprisingly, scattered with symbols for campsites, sea bathing, a youth hostel and yacht sailing. There is also the symbol for a lighthouse.

The beach car park is about a 1 kilometre drive through pine forest. From there a boardwalk makes for easy walking to the shore. Various paths criss-cross the forest and after walking a while along the beach we cut inland and made tracks for the lighthouse.



We arrived just too late to do the lighthouse tour.



WARNING : 196 steps and no lift

Constructed between 1960 and 1962 the lighthouse is a hexagonal tower of reinforced concrete. The public viewing platform is 40m above sea level and the light is a further 8.5m above that. The 1886 French-made prismatic system lens  from the previous structure is still in use. The visual range is 19 nautical miles (about 35km) and it is Scandinavia’s tallest lighthouse.

Our short walk ended back at the car park where there are the usual requisite ice cream and tea and coffee kiosks where we also bought and wrote postcards.



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