A Postcard from Bornholm

The postcard featured at the end of the previous post more or less sums up the distinctive features and character of Bornholm (maritime and colourful) and a couple of its most famous structures including Hammershus Castle.

The top picture shows The Svaneke Water Tower. Designed by Jørn Utzon, yes, the architect who designed the Sydney Opera House also designed this Bornholm Water Tower. It was built in 1952 and used until 1988. Since 1990 it has been a protected building. It stands on the edge of a field just outside the town of Svaneke. The design is based on the “Båke”, a beacon or naval signal.

One particular feature of Bornholm towns is the smokehouse and fish and seafood are available in abundance. In Svaneke we enjoyed a fish lunch at the very smokehouse featured in the top middle picture on the card.

The Gudhjem Fish Buffet


Featuring in the third picture along the top are the charming Little Red Riding Hood Stones that edge many of the roadsides on Bornholm. What a pretty alternative to metal crash barriers. Although their upkeep in red and white paint would probably prove prohibitive anywhere any bigger.



Not shown on this particular card but a pretty feature in some towns is the round church. 

Four of Denmark’s seven medieval round churches (rundkirke) are located on Bornholm. Originally built around 1150, these uniquely round churches were used as places of worship, storage for passing ships, and fortresses to protect against attack during the middle ages. There are rumours that some of the churches were associated with the Knights Templar.
The round churches are striking whitewashed buildings, with upper stories designed to double as shooting galleries against enemy attack. Originally, they had flat roofs built to better support fortification against invading pirates. The largest round church is in Østerlars, with others found in the villages of Olsker, Nylars and Nyker.”


Olsker Church


Østerlars Church

Bornholm is an island where artists and handcraft workers thrive. There are many galleries and several glass-blowing concerns, of which we visited two : Baltic Sea Glass


And Glastorvet in Svaneke in a delightful arts and crafts courtyard and market area where other workshops also give demonstrations.


Unfortunately for Bärbel Svaneke Sweet Factory (Svaneke Bolcher) is closed on Sundays.


4 comments on “A Postcard from Bornholm

  1. queenbreaca says:

    Phew (wiping my brow) – just in time did I read this entry. What would have happened if I hadn’t? Well, I would have posted the exact same postcard to you today but didn’t have enough stamps. That gives me the chance to choose a new one. 🙂 Sitting on the back porch of flat no. 3 tonight in the fading light, with absolutely no wind. The only sounds are friendly, murmuring voices from the neighbouring appartements and a faint whoosh from the beach down below. Earlier this afternoon the trunk of a nearby oak was covered in admiral butterflies. This is bliss!

  2. But that postcard was the one I sent to my friend Ann. I don’t have the card myself so would have been happy to receive my own copy. But all cards very welcome, as you know! Glad you are enjoying your second visit to Bornholm this year, Bärbel. Love the faint whooshes that come from the beach.

  3. queenbreaca says:

    Oh, and some more news: Now, at the height of the season, Svaneke Bolcher is open seven days a week. Will go there on Sunday!!! 🙂

  4. The height of the season?? You had better get well stocked up 😉 x

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