The University City of Lund

After breakfast on Monday 3 July at precisely 9.30am as predicted our taxi transfer arrived to pick us up and transport us to Simrishamn train station and at 10am (also on the dot!) our holiday with Macs Adventure came to end. And so the final couple of days of my Big Adventure were to be spent in the cultured and historic university city of Lund.

The train journey involved a change of train and we decided to take the bus instead; a journey of about an hour and a half.


Lilla Hotellet, Lund

After dropping our bags at the hotel right in the centre of town we picked up a walking tour of Lund leaflet (a formula that worked well in Ystad) and headed for the Botanical Garden which has a cafe and where Alison had visited before.



Founded as part of the Medical Faculty in 1690. It was replaced by a new garden (on the same site) in the mid-18th century. In 1750 a ‘disciple’ of the famous Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus was appointed manager: Jacob Georg Agardh. The garden established on its own present site in the heart of Lund in 1862-67.

We then had a walk around the old part of the University. Last year the University was 350 years old  (but the original foundation of a studium generale dates back to 1438) It’s the oldest university in northern Europe and the highest rated university in Sweden. It’s world class and ranked in the Top 100. It also has some beautiful historic buildings:






3 comments on “The University City of Lund

  1. ms6282 says:

    Interesting buildings. Different than what we see over here. I especially like the one in your 4th and 5 th photos

  2. Yes. And the picture below them shows the inside of that ‘gate’ or entrance.

  3. Peggy says:

    Ah, Lund! Brings back memories. The pool at the Botanical Garden used to have frogs and various other interesting water creatures. Wonder if they are still in residence. It looks like you were lucky enough to have some sun for your visit.

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