Stenshuvuds National Park : a Biodiversity Gem in Österlen


Most of our walk along the Österlen Way was along pretty level paths – always looking out for those orange route markers (sometimes just a dash of paint on a post)  to confirm we were on the right track – mostly hugging the coastline but as we neared the end we had to pass through Stenshuvud National Park (Stenshuvud Naturrum). Here there were good facilities and plenty of printed information in English.


The Visitor Centre at Stenshuvud


Looking Southwards


The view straight out to sea


The view northwards

You have to pass through the National Park anyway so we followed our notes which included detours to two high points with great views. The highest point was 96.9m ASL with views north along the coast. Most of the descent was down wooden steps. We continued our walk out of one of the car parks for the final few kilometres before reaching Kiviksgraven and Kivik itself; our final destination.


Swedish National Parks are marked with the golden stars : Stenshuvud is number 20 at the very bottom of the map.

Coastal hills, broadleaved woodlands, inviting heathlands and beaches.”


There were some smart houses along the road into Kivik.



One comment on “Stenshuvuds National Park : a Biodiversity Gem in Österlen

  1. mz&cho says:

    Beautiful photos! Looks so nice, clean and peaceful!

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