Winter Walking above Lungern

It’s my last day here in the Alps. I fly home tomorrow. I spent another day walking on prepared snowy paths in Central Switzerland. I joined my friend Kathrin on the train from Meiringen and we travelled just over the Brünig Pass to the village of Lungern where I worked in the hotel for the summer of 1975. The family I worked for at the Hotel Rössli became great friends of ours and the niece and her family that visited me on Sunday. The hotel is long gone and has been replaced, sadly, by a bank branch. The train journey took just over twenty minutes and we soon arrived at Lungern station. After a twenty minute walk we were at the totally new cable car station, only opened last year.

After a short wait we boarded the cable car and travelled comfortably up the mountain with just a few fellow passengers.

Arriving at Turren

A choice of summer walks – limited to one route in winter


We followed the prepared path to Breitenfeld and back.

Fantastic views and blue skies – looking back to the Turren Station

Up, up, up

Mist was moving in on us

Approaching Breitenfeld which is a small settlement only used in summer when the farmers bring their cattle to graze on the alp

Breitenfeld 1763m above sea level

See how the weather changed within minutes as we took a short break before returning down to Turren


Just to prove I did it!


Beyond Breitenfeld lies the Schönbuehl ski area where we saw just a few skiers and snowshoers


The snow plough keeping the path in good shape

It was a much quicker descent to the Restaurant Turren for refreshments, the return cable car and the twenty minute walk uphill walk to Lungern Station.

What a fantastic day out and winter walking experience.



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