Newquay Walks in Sunshine : Huer’s Hut

Whilst at Penzance, staying at The Second Floor Flat at The Egyptian House on Chapel Street, I chose to read from the Library Lucinda Lambton’s ‘An Album of Curious Houses’ . I wasn’t surprised to see The Egyptian House featured. It’s certainly a curiosity amongst the other buildings of Chapel Street.

But in amongst the other weird and wonderful buildings featured was one in Newquay: The Huer’s Hut.

Last Tuesday, back in Newquay before my flight home, I walked to the Huer’s Hut and further along the Southwest Coast Path for a view of other Newquay beaches and the harbour.




Other beaches from the Huer’s Hut


Newquay Town and Harbour – Southwest Coast Path


Towan Head from Huer’s Hut


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