A Toast and Marmalade Factory Tour : Emma Bridgewater

After listening to Emma Bridgewater on Desert Island Discs and reading her memoir/stories ‘Toast and Marmalade’ the next thing to do was head off to Stoke-on-Trent to do the Factory Tour.

Desert Island Discs



Emma Bridgewater’s Book

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Pugin’s Staffordshire Gems

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812 – 1852) was a prolific architect of the Victorian age. In fact he burned himself out through over work and died at the age of 41 having designed not only the exteriors but also the furnishings and fittings of  countless churches not only in England, but also in Ireland and Australia. He converted to Catholicism and most of his ornate designs are for Roman Catholic churches and cathedrals. There is a long list of his architectural achievements at the end of his Wikipedia entry here. He is most notably connected with the building of the present Palace of Westminster. Continue reading

No Trains Today! Alton Station, Staffordshire

Welcome to Alton

On Friday I stepped back in time visiting a pre-Beeching era railway station. My friend, Ann, and I were on our way to spend a weekend visiting Pugin-related buildings in East Staffordshire, staying at a National Trust cottage in the Manifold Valley (Peak District) and, hopefully, fitting in a country walk in the valley. More about these in future posts; but our first destination of the weekend was the Landmark Trust’s Alton Station which Ann arranged for us to visit on this changeover day. Continue reading