The People’s House and The Five Continents, Antwerp

After about an hour and a half admiring and being amused by the Golden Triangle homes we moved on to inspect a few more significant buildings of the era before being left to our own devices for the afternoon in Antwerp city centre.

5 conts side

The Five Continents side view

“The Five Continents, 2, Schilderstraat by Smet Verhas in 1901. The owner, the shipbuilder P. Rouis, was commissioned a ship’s bow for the corner which explains the boat shape balcony. There is also a wonderful iron lamp behind the boat.”  The fantastical building has recently been scrubbed up and painted. It is also called “‘t Bootje” – little boat.

5 conts side doors

The Five Continents Doors and Loggia

5 conts corner

The Five Continents

5 Continents

The Five Continents Closer

5 conts close up

The Five Continents Even Closer

The People’s House was built by Van Averbeke in 1899-1903 and is now transformed into a school. It has a large mosaic in venetian glass and the structure of the building is of wrought iron. It is just a short distance from The Five Continents and stands on a busy main road criss-crossed by tram lines – so take extra care when taking photographs.

People's House

The People’s House, Antwerp

Peole's House detail

The People’s House, Antwerp. Detail



3 comments on “The People’s House and The Five Continents, Antwerp

  1. Tuba says:

    Always wanted to see Antwerp , after reading this want to see it even more. Thanks for sharing

  2. […] The House of the Five Continents, one of the most original Art Nouveau buildings in Antwerp, built to designs of Frans Smet-Verhas. His activities as an architect extended from 1880 to 1910 / Image: via […]

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