Foel Fenlli on Foot


This walk covered points 1 to 7. We ended by walking back along the road to point 1.

On Wednesday we drove into the nearby Clwydian Hills to attempt a walk called “Foel Fenlli and Moel Famau”. Moel Famau is the highest point of this range of hills. It took us a while, with a couple of false turns, to find the narrow road through the range between Llanbedr-Dyffryn-Clwyd and Loggerheads and the Moel Famau Country Park car park starting point. The route begins along the road which on this sunny weekday was very quiet but I can imagine is pretty busy during summer at weekends.


We were soon off the road on a track which climbed gently up revealing good views. The path swings round in a southerly direction through sheep filled grassy fields.






Eventually we joined Offa’s Dyke Path and its distinctive National Trail acorn symbol finger posts which made the route following much easier.


Junction with Offa’s Dyke Trail

The path curves through fields and past a conifer plantation and eventually we stood, more or less, at the base of Foel Fenlli and decided to have our picnic lunch. Refreshed, we began the effort of climbing almost vertically up the hill and about halfway up were presented with two options : Offa’s Dyke Path waymarked to skirt around Foel Fenlli or a permissive path directly to the top where we were assured of excellent views. We chose the former. Foel Fenlli contains the ramparts of an Iron Age hillfort which still encircles the hill.


Skirting the Conifer Plantation


The Edge of Foel Fenlli comes into view


Foel Fenlli on the right with a view through the gap


Moel Famau from Foel Fenlli – Offa’s Dyke Trail Continues on the upper path


Moel Famau topped by The Jubilee Tower


Car Park (Point 7) and the Clwyd Forest beyond


The Hut : Refreshments (but sold out of ice cream 😦 )



From here we returned to the car along the road. The Jubilee Tower and Moel Famau must wait for another day.





2 comments on “Foel Fenlli on Foot

  1. Fran says:

    Worth the climb for such great views.

  2. Indeed, Fran, great views everywhere but I still hope and intend to do Moel Famau before too long.

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