Charlotte Berlin’s Museum

The first stop on our Historical Walk Through Ystad should have been at Charlotte Berlin’s Museum but when we arrived the Museum hadn’t opened so we resolved to return a bit later and reserve places on the 11 o’clock tour. This largely intact ‘mansion’ [according to the leaflet; but really it’s just a typical Ystad brightly painted, single storey house with first floor rooms in the high-pitched roof] offers an opportunity to view and gain insight into a Swedish 19th century home and its owner.

Charlotte Berlin was born in Ystad in 1841 the daughter of Councillor Johan Theodor Berlin. With  funds left by her parents, Charlotte Berlin bought a house at Dammgatan in 1881.

Portrait of Berlin in the Sitting Room

Charlotte Berlin’s Bedroom

Charlotte Berlin was a grounded business woman who managed to manage her money, including investing in good equity investments. Miss Berlin was also a great collector of items, especially watches and silver. Early the idea was to create a museum for the collections. After Charlotte Berlin’s death in 1916, her last wishes were met when her home became a museum.”[source]

In the large garden behind the house

The tour was conducted by a young woman, a student, in period costume. In her perfect English she welcomed us to the museum and showed us each room, telling us about the life of the former owner as we followed her from room to room. Of course, we had never heard of her but I did expect to read more about her than I could find in my searches.

One of Charlotte Berlin’s dresses on display



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